Life under a microscope

Without the invention of the microscope people wouldn’t know what was living or not living according to the “six characteristics of life”. We wouldn’t know what a cell was or what plant cells or animal cells were. We wouldn’t even know what our bodies look like or how they work on the inside. That means that we wouldn’t be able to fix our bodies either, if something is wrong. Because to fix something we have to know how it works and how it looks. Without the microscope we would not know what a bacteria was or how to stop it. We wouldn’t know which bacterias were good and which were bad.

Microscopes have helped us a lot with health and medical challenges. We wouldn’t know how to stop diseases or bacterias like we do today. Because of the microscope we learned that we have to wash our hands to stay healthy.  This is one of many examples of how the microscope has helped us live longer and healthier lives. Before the microscope was invented people got diseases and didn’t know how to cure them, but now, because of the microscope, we even have vaccines to prevent us from diseases. With the help from the microscope we know how the dangerous bacterias react, and that is why we know how to stop them.

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