Algebra Reflection

My idea of algebra has changed very much since the first time. It changed because this is the first time I’ve worked with it and I got a deeper understanding. At First I thought it was only substituting numbers with “x”s and “y”s but now I know it’s more for example algebraic equations and written expressions. We have gone through what I did wrong in class so I can understand it better.

The “border problem” connects with algebra because first we had to make an expression and then make it in algebra and writer a written expression. Then we learned to evaluate the expressions by making X ten and then using the X to solve the expressions.

Some other connections I made are that you use algebra everyday in the real world because algebra is about to finding the unknown. For example if you give your friend one apple one day and the other day two apples then you find the unknown of how many apples your friend gets.


This is the border problem. It’s the first algebraic problem we did.




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