Narrative Reflection

The fantastic freekick
I stood there with the ball in front of me. My legs was like two horses ready to run from their gates. My teammates and the audience held their breath. I was ready to shoot the ball. The referee blew his whistle and I started running towards the ball. Boom!
The next morning I woke up early. I knew that I had the last match in Norway Cup this day. It was my teammates and my first time in Norway Cup. My father had made eggs for breakfast. The eggs smelled delicious. I sat down to eat. “Aren’t you excited for the last match son?” My father said. “Your team is almost unbeatable!” I nodded with my mouth full of eggs and bread. After breakfast my father and I went to our car. It was a warm summer day and no clouds. A perfect day to play a match on.
I arrived at the pitch just in time. Soon everyone came and we started the warm-up. My team ran in two lines and then passed some ball. Our coach called us into a circle. “The game is about to start lads. The team we are playing against have won all their matches also. Our daily captain is Eduard!” The coach shouted. He made our positions till the referee blew his whistle to get the two teams on the pitch. I was central midfielder. The referee called the captains on both teams and flipped coin. Heads, it was our ball. All the players shook hands. “C’mon Ready!” I screamed. I was ready.
The game had started I rolled the ball to our defender. He is a beast. My team passed the ball and kicked it up and down. The other team got possession and passed it. Suddenly, I got the ball. I dribbled side to side, and then the other teams’ midfielder tripped me.
The referee’s whistle screamed. I got a freekick! The striker on my team gave me a high-five. The other team started complaining, but it didn’t help. They made a wall to block the shot. I took four steps back and one to the side. I knew that this was my moment. I looked from the goalkeeper to the dirty soccer ball. “I will kick this right in the top right corner.” I thought to myself. I looked at the referee. He gave me a sign that the stage was all mine. I ran towards the ball and shot. I help my breath like everyone else. The ball flew through the air like a bullet. It smacked the post and went into the goal. Yessss! I scored! The audience and my teammates yelled and clapped. I was so happy, and I ran through my team and jumped.
The rest of the match went through easily. My team scored four goals and our opponents scored one. It was the best cup I had ever played. I won all my matches. I was reminded that I really like football. I want to play it while I grow up and to do that I have to play a lot. My dream is to be professional and play on TV. To do that I can’t let me down if I make mistakes or if I fail.