Reflection – Motion and Speed

I have learned a lot more about motion in this unit. Before, I knew it was a type of movement, but I have gotten a deeper understanding of it. Now I think of it as more of a change in position and I think of it as speed and velocity and a reference point. I have learned that there are different ways to calculate motion. An example is by timing an object and finding the average speed. I also learned that you can visualize motion by for example putting your data in a distance over time graph. I think my understanding of motion compared to a scientist is pretty basic, but I think the principles of timing and recording data are the same.

I think the activity with the ball that rolled down the ramp and then straight was meaningful to me because I learned a lot about motion and visualizing it. And because I learned about timing the ball and putting the data in a table and a graph. A thing i found most fascinating was that our teacher asked if we thought the ball would travel in a constant speed and a couple of students thought so, but when we visualized it in our graph we could see that the ball increased its speed in the beginning and slowed down at the end. I think the most interesting thing about motion is that you can calculate how the speed of the motion changes depending on different variables. I think about motion when I play football and I have to figure out how hard my pass has to be to reach the other player before the defender gets it. A question I have is can you figure out the speed of light?

Something that was challenging for me was the directions in the Tumble Buggy assignment, but when I got help with it I understood it. It was kind of challenging because there were some advanced words and concepts I couldn’t understand. I can practice my science vocabulary and specifically around motion and speed to help me with this barrier.

If I could change something about the Tumble Buggy project it would be to maybe add some variables as we were timing the car. We could also for example add a turn. An idea I’d like to explore further would be to try another project with another object and different variables to make it harder and more fun. To improve this project we could add variables and change the speed to make it more difficult as I just said. We could make the road bumpy or put a fan to make it more difficult.

I think our next study of motion might be about something flying like airplanes or paper airplanes. Or it might be about objects falling to the ground and increasing its speed. It can be about a tree falling to the ground after being cut of. It could be about pulling or pushing by magnets known as force because it has a lot to do with motion. It’s the thing that makes things move and it’s a big topic.